Pastelli: Luxury Italian Uniforms - Made in Italy

Pastelli: Luxury Italian Uniforms - Made in Italy - Luxury Italian Pastelli Uniforms

Pastelli Was Born in Italy

Italy is known not only for its historic cities full of rich culture and delicious cuisine but as the home of high fashion and fine craftsmanship. Pastelli is no exception to this tradition, producing medical and dental uniforms with a keen attention to detail so that we maintain the highest of standards throughout every step of the production process.

Located in the Padua Province just outside of Venice, Pastelli began in 1929 as a tailor shop. By 1978, a line of medical clothing was born from designers Nada and Gianna Pamich. Since its inception, Pastelli has continued to maintain firmly held values of high-quality production, creating stylish and comfortable medical and dental uniforms ever since.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy has a temperate climate perfect for the growth of grape vineyards, as well as a variety of olive and citrus trees. Venice is a gorgeous city famous, of course, for its picturesque canals and gondola rides, as well as its historic buildings such as Saint Mark's Basilica.

The lesser-known islands surrounding Venice have their own unique offerings. The island of Murano is best known for its glass crafts and provides visitors with the chance to see glassblowing live in action. Burano attracts attention for its bright and colorful houses, making it one of the most colorful cities in the world.

Inland some 30-40 minutes is the Province of Padua, which has historic and cultural wonders all its own. The city center has many historic buildings, local shops and restaurants, and markets offering an array of fresh food, hand-made clothing, and home goods. The Scrovegni Chapel has frescoes by artists such as Giotto dating back to the 14th century.

Tradition and Innovation

It is through a balance of holding true to our traditional values of creating unique, high-quality uniforms while allowing room for innovation and growth as time goes on, that Pastelli remains an industry leader. We create all our products through safe and sustainable processes to honor not only our company's homeland but the environment of the world at large.




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