Front and Center: Importance of Appearance for Front Office Staff

Front and Center: Importance of Appearance for Front Office Staff - Luxury Italian Pastelli Uniforms

For any business, large or small, there are a host of benefits for having front office staff. Front desk staff set the tone for your customer's experience, and usually give the first and last impression your customer receives. Knowing your front desk staff exude your business professionalism and take pride in their appearance is key, that's why your front desk staff's image is important.

First Impressions

The front office staff is often the first interaction your customer has or the first person your customer sees. Because of this, it's important to find a uniform that displays how you want others to see your business. This can be anything from conversational and casual to luxury and high-profile. Either way, the person at the front desk sets the tone for the rest of your customer's experience. The Undercover Recruiter says "first impressions are the driving force in business" which means finding a look that represents how you want your business to be viewed is crucial.

Pride in Appearance

Not only will a uniform help aid in customer experience, but it will make front office staff feel like a vital part of the organization. Whether working in the hospitality, medical or cosmetic industry needing scrubs, everyone wants to look their best. When people look their best, they feel their best, which results in a more productive workday. It's also important that, whatever uniform you choose for your staff, you make it easy for them by providing quality clothes that are also easy to wash and wear. 

Pastelli Uniforms

All Pastelli uniforms are made and imported from Italy to provide top of the line quality to meet your standards. The luxury of these uniforms are unmatched and make any business stand out. Our uniforms are designed towards the hospitality industry as well as doctor, dentist, and cosmetic offices, just to name a few. Your staff will take pride in their look with Pastelli uniforms. See how these beautiful uniforms can transform your business today.

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